Interior Floors
JL Designs specializes in turning your existing concrete slab into a beautiful, decorative concrete floor. With hands on artist, we work with the customer to help design, colorize and develop a pattern to the customers satisfaction. Using state of the art, 99% dust free equipment, we grind your existing slab down to fresh clean concrete. This technique enables us to prepare and open up the pores in the concrete, giving our artist a nice smooth canvas to work with. We use Acrylic stain, which allows the customer a broad range of colors to choose from.

After stain is applied, we top it with an extremely durable, Industrial strength polyurethane sealer. Customer may choose from satin or gloss finish. Satin being the lowest in maintenance and highest in durability.

Exterior Work
Want to revitalize that old faded stamp concrete look? JL Designs cleans, stains, seals and rejuvenates your existing outdoor concrete.

Polishing Concrete
Mechanical concrete floor polishing is the newest most innovative flooring. By using state of the art polishing/dust extracting equipment, combined with the latest in diamond tooling we can polish your slab of concrete to a high sheen finish, without the use of any topical coatings. This process is done by progressively utilizing finer grits of diamonds.

Another alternative to a Mechanical polish is a Hone and Seal process. By taking a 1/16"-1/8" off the concrete and sealing it with a very low maintenance and high durability Industrial strength sealer.

Both process's are high in durability and low in maintenance. The mechanical process being the lowest maintenance and highest in durability. We recommend these floors for Warehouses, Manufacturing facilities, Automotive shops and Residential garages.

  • Custom designed decorative concrete floors
  • Mechanical Concrete floor polishing
  • Hone and Sealing
  • Coatings removal
  • Reconditioning existing concrete
  • Crack leveling
  • Demo and floor preparation
  • Cleaning and Sealing
  • Acrylic Staining
  • Color stain change
  • Rejuvenating color stamped concrete
  • Patios
  • Garage Floors
  • Driveways
  • Pool Decks

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